Client scrap battery rates are set at the beginning of each month, based on the price of lead and the $US:$AUD exchange rate. The price of lead has the biggest affect on scrap battery rates, though individual collection specifics also contribute to the rate.  

The following factors determine client rates:
Volume of scrap to be collected
Location of collection
Packaging (loose scrap or on pallets)

We aim to provide our clients with current market updates via our Facebook page. 


Our pricing is determined by the price of lead and the Australian dollar. We are issued a set rate on the second business day of each month which is based on the average lead price from the previous month, and the average exchange rate from the previous month.

Lead pricing is based on the average price of lead from the previous month. This information is readily available on the London Metal Exchange website where we encourage clients to track what the price of lead is doing. This price is denominated in $USD, the $AUD to $USD exchange rate is also a major factor when determining what the market is paying for Lead in Australia.

For more information, please visit the LME website.


The exchange rate has a substantial effect of the price of lead in Australia. As the $AUD:USD falls, the price of lead in Australia rises and vice versa. The average rate from the previous month is used against the price of lead to determine the monthly rate, so we also encourage clients to track the $AUD movements.