What is a lead battery?

When people think about lead batteries, they usually think about a car battery, which are used to deliver short bursts of high power to start the engine. Then there are deep cycle batteries - which are found on boats or campers, and are used to power accessories like trolling motors, winches or lights. These deliver a lower, steadier level of power for a much longer time than a starting battery. Lead batteries are used for a vast number of purposes, but all batteries provide either starting or deep cycle power. The only difference is how much power is delivered and how long it is delivered for.

So why can I recycle my dead batteries?

Lead batteries are 99% recyclable due to the value of lead and toxicity levels. As a result, over half of the lead produced and used each year has been used before in other products. Lead is a naturally occurring element, the quality of the recycled lead is identical to that of primary metal from mining, which is why council regulations encourage the recycling of batteries from businesses.

Aside from the above reasons about the ease of recycling lead batteries into renewable energy sources, you should be recycling you batteries for a number of reasons:

One: It makes you money! You are burning a hole in your pocket if you have old batteries lying around and aren’t selling them onto us so that we can get the recycling done for you. And any business would be crazy to throw away money, right?

Two: You need to meet council regulations. Unfortunately, a lot of disposal companies don’t do things the right way, and like to pull a bit of a dodgy one when it comes to recyclying. Make sure you aren’t being looked after by one of these guys. If you are – it’s time to make a change. Meet the legal disposal requirements and avoid paying for it in the long run.

Three: You’re helping the environment by recycling, not throwing away. That should in itself, be enough. Don’t you think?

You get paid so that we can take your scrap away. Sound crazy? It isn’t. Think about it. By letting us take your batteries, we take care of the recycling process, remove the impact on Earth made by your dead batteries, and then turn them into new batteries that get sold on the other end by companies, all while reducing the carbon footprint. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship. WIN. WIN.

What accreditations do you have?
Our collection system runs in accordance with all of the appropriate licences necessary to collect lead acid batteries from business and residential dwellings. We are registered with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Queensland as well as the NSW Environment Protection Authority. Our vehicles comply with all the correct signage, chemical spill kits and we regard our drivers to be the best in the biz. 

Do you recycle alkaline batteries?
No, however we are in the process of finding ways to do this.

Do you recycle other types of scrap metals?
We specialise specifically with scrap lead. We can recommend you to a wonderful affiliate of GCRR. Call Scott on 0400468160 or contact us by clicking here to find out more.

Do you offer a higher rate for a larger quantity of lead batteries?
Definitely! The more you have, the better the price we pay. Find out more by clicking here.